Figure exists only, when borders are touched.

Borders are indeed, more or less, but always pervious.

That is what matters. 

It seems clear to discover dream notations in such paintings.

I know that dreams are very important for the work of

Maria Schoof. 


It‘s about nothing else than the description of a wise way of working

and perception. Dreams clear up the tidiness of the day‘s work and restore the initial chaos.

Hegel, at the beginning of his philosophy, calls it: „The night of the world“.

It awakens the dormant possibilities before awakening, which then leads back to fixity.

What remains is a remnant of memory that unsettles

and points the way out of the routine of thinking. (...)


Excerpt from a speech by the writer and poet Hans Brinkmann (Chemnitz)

on the occasion of the exhibition opening Yard, 2018, Hamburg